Cranbrook Skating Club 2015/2016 Registration Form

  • Please fill out one form PER Child. Fee calculation can be made based on total. Calculating Fees: 1. When registering more than one child/adult, please take the total of the highest registration first. 2. Take 10% off the subsequent registrations. 3. Add $32.65 for EACH registration (Skate Canada membership and insurance fee) 4. Add $100.00 for 1st registration fundraising. 5. Add $50.00 for each additional registration to a maximum of $200.00 for total fundraising. 5. Add $25.00 per registration for carnival costume deposit. 6. Divide payments into 1, 2, or 3 payments. 7. Select payment option on this registration form below.
  • 1. There will be a $30 service charge for all NSF cheques. 2. No refunds if you have participated in one or more sessions. Refunds only with a doctor's certificate and a request letter to the CSC Executive. A $25 administration fee will be charged. 3. All skater's must be a registered member of Skate Canada. 4. The Skate Canada membership fee of $32.00 and insurance fee of $0.65 is non-refundable.
  • Release and Agreement: Liability waiver and release. It is understood and agreed, as a condition of participation in skating programs offered by the Cranbrook Skating Club and Skate Canada, that neither the club nor Skate Canada shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered by the above-noted member while traveling to or from or while participating in skating practice, competitions, or other activities. The member or his parent/legal guardian who has signed this form, shall indemnify the club and Skate Canada and hold them harmless from any claims, demands or actions arising from or in respect of such injury, loss or damage. Cranbrook Skating Club is not responsible for any cancellation of classes due to unavailable ice, but will make every effort to reschedule if at all possible.
    Should the opportunity arise, I give permission for the above noted skater to be included in photos and/or videos which may be used in publications, media coverage or promotional activities for the Cranbrook Skating Club and that his/her name can be used.
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